GoodNotes 3.7 available now

GoodNotes 3.7 improvedĀ existing functions andĀ overall performance, and fixed a number of bugs.

Improved Page Loading Speed

A lot of work have be done to minimize PDF rendering time, especially for scanned PDFs and image-intensive PDFs. I have compared it to iBooks and other popular PDF readers, the time it takes to load a scanned PDF page is very close, if not faster.

Moreover, previous and next page will be pre-rendered so that you don’t have to wait when turning to previous or next page.

Improved Fountain Pen Speed

In previous version, when you try to draw a long line quickly, you may notice that the ink could not keep up. The curve fitting algorithm have been improved so that it is very fast under almost all situation.

Zoom Window Improvements

You can now make the page smaller when using the zoom window.

Other Changes

  • Added the ability to delete text boxes and images by tapping and holding.
  • Added Pogo Connect stylus button function option.
  • Fixed SkyDrive and bluetooth errors.
  • Fixed text box alignment problems.
  • Fixed unexpected zooming in external display when overscrolling.

External accessories is now disabled by default, if you use Pogo Connect, please enable it from the editor toolbar > … > External Accessories.